Seeking New Sloanies

Hey new Sloanies!

I’m trying to connect with my new future cohort-mates. Ya, it is very early to be reaching out to everyone. But if you are a new Sloanie (or know one), please respond here or at:

Facebook: Stanford-Sloan-2014

LinkedIn: Stanford Sloan 2014

Also, I found these two blogs from Sloan Class of 2013 — one is useful for the mechanics of living on campus:

The other is useful for a preview of what classes might be like for us:


4 thoughts on “Seeking New Sloanies

  1. Congrats on the acceptance, you’ll have a blast!

    Besides Herbert’s Guizishanren blog and mine you’ve already found (there are more posts throughout the first 2 quarters this far:, we’ve had other classmates blog as well, such as Gunawan here: Plus a lot of diary-like traffic on private FB groups.

    Takes some effort, but I do hope you’ll keep your blogging up throughout the year.

    Hope to meet you at the orientation,

    Sloan ’13

    • Sten-

      Thanks for the note!

      I’m sure you understand, but I can’t tell you how excited I am — somewhat in disbelief…

      In particular, I’ve had trouble finding information about living off-campus — I’ve got dogs, so on-campus housing seems like a non-starter. Do you have any advice / suggestions? Is living off-campus going to be a problem or not?

      Anything us new Sloanies should be doing between now and July?


  2. Hey Erik, I was 90% sure I’ll rent off-campus until I came for the first orientation in April… and ended up in Escondido Village anyway, with no regrets. The commute time you’ll cut off by making everything (both classes and social events) walkable is worth it.

    Re: dogs, do double check with the housing folks for sure. Despite of the advertised no pets policy, I know people who have had exceptions made with both cats and dogs.

    Until July… do wrap up your life outside The Farm. You won’t be leaving the campus much for a while. 🙂

    • Sten-

      Thanks for your reply.

      Any chance you could put me in touch with one of your colleagues that was able to get a pet exception?

      I would like to find out how I might do the same and what I would need to do.



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