Got my new student binder!

Ok, I must admit, it was a little anticlimactic… Sure, there are some good nuggets in there, but I didn’t find anything in there that couldn’t have been emailed in a PDF attachment or put on a student-only website.

But having it in-hand does make it feel “more real” — after all, I’m still somewhat in disbelief that our lives will be abruptly put on hold in a few months. I do look forward to new Sloan orientation (mid-April). Meeting my fellow Sloanies and getting some on-campus time will do wonders.

Here’s what I did learn from the binder:

  • Early Sloan Orientation: 13 – 15 Apr 2013
  • Recommended on-campus date: 28 Jun 2013
  • Sloan Orientation: 9 – 10 Jul 2013
  • First day of class: 15 Jul 2013

In the early orientation, we’ll get to meet current Sloanies and get their perspective. Spouses and significant others will be sharing their advice with new incoming spouses (and significant others).

Apparently, there are some 60+ GSB student groups — but no information on how to join, when they meet, etc. Apparently there is a new Sloan-specific entrepreneurship group too — not sure how that will be transitioned, since no one from the previous year will be there to hand off the torch to incoming students…

I wish there were more information in the binder about how electives will work and how we go about deciding which ones we want to take. But it looks like we won’t have the opportunity to add very many electives until Winter quarter — so I guess there is plenty of time to figure that out. Because we’re only on campus for one year, I’m realizing how short this program will be and how difficult it will be to incorporate certain classes (either because they are full or not offered when I would be able to take it).

I also hope to have decided where to live by April orientation. I figure that would be a good time to pick a new landlord and sign a lease. Hope we find a great place to live!


5 thoughts on “Got my new student binder!

  1. Hi there, came across Sloanlife recently. I’m also a new admit for the Class of 2014. I felt the same way about the binder : – ) I expected everything to be more digital.

    Btw have you been able to login to myGSB yet? I created my SUNet ID and Axess but still don’t seem to have access to the myGSB links in the binder.

    Look forward to catching up in April!


    • Hey Amit-

      Congrats on the admit and nice to meet you!

      Yes, I could get into MyGSB after registering. I think it took a day or so for that to work. But much like the binder, there isn’t a whole lot of useful stuff for us. There are some details for various classes, but it is all for the current academic year.

      Oh well… I guess we wait until April…


  2. Hey Erik and Amit,

    Just recently received my verbal so am quite behind you both in receiving and reviewing materials but from my initial research and speaking with folks the one year as much as intense and fun will be a logistical nightmare given the numerous interesting courses across the different schools. Anyways, quite excited to meet the cohort and get the experience started.


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