Found a Home!!


We finally found a place to live…

We settled on San Mateo since it is close to the mid-way point from Palo Alto to San Francisco. Hope will be commuting up to the city via CalTrain and I’ll be driving down to Stanford. Hope was hoping for something closer to downtown San Mateo and a little less suburban feeling, but we submitted 2 other applications (and lost those homes due to the competitive rental market). We were starting to get a bit anxious (probably more me than her), so we’re happy to have this process behind us.

We’ll be a little farther from campus than many of my fellow Sloanies, but we’ll have room for our pups and some grass for them to run around.

If the rental market stays this aggressive, I encourage future Sloanies looking for off-campus housing to ensure you allocate enough time for your search. We heard of folks from the previous cohort temporarily moving into short-term rentals then moving after a month or two – you could certainly do that too, but moving twice sounded pretty awful to us — not to mention expensive…

It’s getting exciting now – it is all beginning to feel very real… Now the task begins to pack up and sell the house in VA…


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