PRL Gets Nods

Ok, here’s a great article talking about Mechanical Engineering’s PRL – Product Realization Lab. It is a full blown machine shop, wood shop, foundry, welding shop, fab lab and design loft. Very cool place. Students can buy a full-academic-year pass for $100. prototype-stanford-product-realization-lab

I will also be taking the following ME classes next quarter:

ME 203 – Design & Manfacturing 

ME 103 – Engineering Drawing and Design 

ME 318 – Computer-Aided Product Creation

ME 110 – Design Sketching

These classes certainly are not the typical coursework for a GSB student, but they are right up my alley and core to my startup. We’re currently allowed 22 credit hours per quarter (we are charged by the quarter, not by the credit hour) – and, for now, I intend to take as many classes as I possibly can. 



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