Download your InMap!


For those of you using LinkedIn (and all of you should be using LinkedIn!), be sure to run your InMap and download the image before LinkedIn kills the service at the end of the month.

They claim to be developing newer and better ways to visualize your network, but I find this tool fascinating (even if somewhat useless). It’s a great way to quickly get a grasp of your social networking effectiveness – note, I didn’t say a great way to view your social network… This is because you may have a much larger social network, but you’re not effectively using the tools (like LinkedIn) to capture, communicate and leverage those social networks. Don’t underestimate your network! After all, those are your friends, colleagues, mentors and personal contacts. If you’re not leveraging social network tools, you are standing away from the crowd in a quite corner with your arms crossed – the social network equivalent of “Don’t Bother Me.”

You have great skills and experiences – make them shine…

Ok – getting off my soapbox now!


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