Seattle Study Trip

Seattle Study Trip

’14 Sloan fellows @ PACCAR Between the Winter and Spring quarters, the MSx cohort went on a Study Trip to Seattle. Timed to coincide with our Operations class, we visited two large industrial manufacturers – Boeing and Paccar – and Seattle’s e-commerce titan Amazon. We also had time to socialize – which I think is the … Continue reading

PRL Gets Nods

Ok, here’s a great article talking about Mechanical Engineering’s PRL – Product Realization Lab. It is a full blown machine shop, wood shop, foundry, welding shop, fab lab and design loft. Very cool place. Students can buy a full-academic-year pass for $100. prototype-stanford-product-realization-lab I will also be taking the following ME classes next quarter: … Continue reading

Summer Study Trip

No idea if next year’s cohort will conduct the same study trips that we did / will, but I can certainly describe what we did and plan to do for the rest of the year. Like the prior year cohort, we participated in a mandatory East Coast Study Trip between Summer and Autumn quarters. The … Continue reading