ePaperwork Arrived

Wow. It feels so much more real now…

I received my acceptance letter on school letterhead – it’s in electronic form, but that is good enough for me. They want confirmation of my intent to attend within two weeks – I don’t even need 2 seconds to think about it!! They want a $10k down-payment with my confirmation. I’ve been told to expect a “New Admit” kit in about a month. Orientation will be on campus in mid-April. Now I’m really excited!!

About the same time I got my official acceptance email, I got a call from UVA Darden – I have also been accepted into the Darden GEMBA program. I’d MUCH prefer to go to Stanford, so I don’t even really need to think about the choice – but it’s nice to be wanted!

I’ve decided to visit campus prior to orientation. I’d like to visit campus and give my wife a chance to get familiar with the area. I’ve lived in the Bay Area before, but she hasn’t – so it will be a new adventure for her. I hope to sit in on a current class and get a feel for the pace.